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We are all athletes. We started off as climbers. Any climber knows that the use of magnesium powder in climbing is essential for good quality training. However, using magnesium powder can be very messy. Climbers have had to deal with being covered in dust and breathing in chalk particles while they train, taking the focus away from achieving their best athletic results. After many failed attempts of looking for a proper replacement, we decided to take matters into our own 'hands'. Our collaboration with "Gidon Cosmetics" led us to the creation of the perfect alternative- Carbon Grip Liquid Chalk. It took some hard work, but we finally developed a formula that provides results, with none of the mess. Carbon Grip Liquid Chalk offers you a strong grip and high resistance for maximum performance.

After experiencing incredible results from Carbon Grip Liquid Chalk we expanded our product base to further assist in you in your training. Carbon Grip now offers a variety of grip solutions and skin care products, as well as athletic accessories to use before, after, and during your training sessions. Our products will help you to improve your athletic performance and achieve your best results.


Help us spread the word and break boundaries.

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